Terre de Toscane Collection - Room 11


A series of vases and jugs in this marvellous Tuscan red earthenware, sublimated by the play of textures and Lisa's dexterity.
Dimensions: ø 20 x H. 24 cm

Design : Lisa Maïofiss
Brand : Lisa Maïofiss

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Series of vases and jugs made in this wonderful red Tuscan earthenware sublimated by the play of textures and the dexterity of Lisa.

ø 20 x H. 24 cm

The collaboration with Rebecca began with an exchange of ideas, sensibilities and desires.
through our ideas, sensibilities and desires. Using a few initial ideas, I researched earth materials that could be adapted
texture research. These tests helped us to talk and understand each other.
understand each other. The concrete, "earthy" formalization of emotions and sensations was very interesting.
to explain & deal with the many constraints of the material...
sharing steps and techniques, putting them to work on a project ... adapting ...
I usually imagine and realize my creations on my own. This collaborative work
was an opportunity for a new and very interesting exercise: dialogue, sharing to go from idea to finished piece.
idea to the finished piece.

Vases may still be a little porous, so it's advisable not to leave water
water in them for too long.

Lisa Maïofiss is a ceramist based in the Paris region, inspired by design and fashion
to create one-off pieces or small series. On clean, contemporary lines
contemporary lines, grids and weaves are her leitmotivs.



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