Nagasaki Stool


Original and innovative, the Nagasaki stool is a variation of the Nagaski chair, two iconic pieces imagined by Mathieu Matégot, one of the most famous designers of the 1950s. Its curved seat, reminiscent of a saddle, offers great comfort.

Dimensions: H. 73.5 x W. 39 x D. 37.5 cm
Design : Mathieu Matégot
Brand : Gubi

Availability: 3 to 5 weeks

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The Nagasaki stool was designed in 1954 and remains one of Mathieu Matégot's most famous pieces. This stool was first exhibited at the Salon des Artistes Décorateurs in 1954. Recognized as the inventor of Rigitulle, a perforated sheet as fine as lace, Matégot will use it for most of his works. The arched and finely perforated seat, similar to the shape of a saddle, makes this piece comfortable and innovative. The highly graphic construction is reminiscent of Corbusier's work for the church in Ronchamp. Today, this stool with its airy, organic design is part of the permanent collection of the Vitra Design Museum.

The Nagasaki stool is available in several different colors.

Dimensions :
H. 73.5 x W. 39 x D. 37.5 cm

Weight :
4.04 kg

Packing dimensions :
L. 40 X W. 40 X H. 76 cm

Packing weight :
5.975 kg




Additional information

Additional information

Weight 5,9 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 76 cm

Matte black, Matte red

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