Peepers sideboard

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A graphic and colorful suite built around the play of geometric shapes, circles and colored lines. The openwork doors allow a glimpse of the interior while recomposing it into an orderly pattern.

Dimensions: H. 65 cm x D. 40 cm
Design : Rebecca Felcey
Brand : Portobello Editions

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A new line of storage furniture for Portobello is made of lacquered and openworked multi-ply structure and doors.
These highly graphic, colorful pieces are highlighted by the raised lines and openwork circles of the lacquered doors. The doors give a glimpse of the furniture's interior.
If the disorder is partially seen, it is to be staged and become an ordered motif.
Rebecca Felcey's cherished plywood is lacquered on both sides, leaving the edge rough and playing on the idea that lacquer can "imitate" Formica.
Fine contrasts emerge: lacquer/multiply, but also lines of color between the doors.
A filigree reading of the colored interior planks made visible through the holes.
Through these holes, the furniture picks up on a central theme in Rebecca Felcey's work: hiding and revealing. The doors conceal while at the same time providing a partial reading, fragmenting and staging the contents. A reflection on order and disorder that can also be found in the bookcase "Le désordonnier". Structure in lacquered birch multi-ply with exposed edges, lacquered and perforated doors.

Choice of lengths and colors:
- 2 doors 120 cm
- 3 doors 160 cm
- 4 doors 200 cm
- 5 doors 240 cm

Dimensions: H. 65 cm x Depth 40 cm

Concerning the colors: a first color is dedicated to the exterior and the doors and a second color to the interior shelves and partitions. The bottom and the interior sides are in natural birch.

Dimensions: H. 65 cm x Depth 40 cm

Design : Rebecca Felcey

Brand : Portobello Editions



Portobello Editions

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Additional information


120 cm, 160 cm, 200 cm, 240 cm

Exterior / Interior


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