Multi-ply orde - 100

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The Ordre Bookcase is designed with a rigorous and elegant jerky rhythm. Sliding doors in openwork metal add to the furniture's functionality as well as its aesthetic appeal.
Dimensions: W. 150 cm x H. 169 x D. 33 cm

Designer: Rebecca Felcey
Brand: Portobello éditions

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The new Ordre bookcase, by Rebecca Felcey, is designed with a rigorous, elegant jerky rhythm. It is built around a simple assembly principle that emphasizes the assemblies, which become both structural and decorative. The openwork metal doors move from one end to the other, contributing to the rhythm of the construction and adding color. The openwork appearance adds depth and plays on its function: they smooth out without totally hiding.

This piece of furniture can be used as a partition.

By combining the 2 modules you get a large bookcase of 2m50 wide.

Material MDF black stained in the mass or multiple birch. Door in raw or lacquered openwork metal.



Portobello Editions

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Additional information


Pine Green 6028, Black Green 6012, Sulfur Yellow 1016, Orange 2010, Cream White 9001, Sapphire Blue 5003

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