Pavilion AV24 Table - Black Base - 250cm

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Both modern and functional, the 250cm Pavilion AV24 table was designed by Anderssen & Voll. It can accommodate up to 8 guests and is suitable for several types of spaces such as dining rooms or meeting rooms.

There are several variations and sizes.

Dimensions : W. 250 x D. 110 x H. 73 cm
Design : Anderssen & Voll
Brand : &Tradition

Availability: 3 to 4 weeks

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The Pavilion collection is a series of contemporary furniture with a light and harmonious aesthetic, designed by Anderssen & Voll. The Pavilion table is available in three different sizes to suit all types of requests, and can be placed with ease in a meeting room or a dining room. Depending on the model, the table can invite from four to eight guests.

There are several variations and sizes.

W. 250 x D. 110 x H. 73 cm

Top: walnut / oak / black oak
Frame: chrome steel / matt black steel

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Danish publisher &tradition was founded in 2010 by Martin Kornbeck Hansen. With a passion for Scandinavian craftsmanship and tradition. Martin Kornbeck Hansen and his team seek out filiations between illustrious or little-known designers and the new guard of world design.
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Additional information


Walnut, Bleached oak, Black stained oak

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