Doric Coffee table - Rectangulaire

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Designed by the talented duo GamFratesi, the Doric table draws its inspiration from ancient Greek architecture. The combination of curves and geometry with the beauty of stone results in a majestic, yet simplistic, sculptural table. A true feat.
Dimensions: L. 140 x D. 80 x H. 30 cm
Design : GamFratesi
Brand : Gubi

Availability: 5 to 8 weeks

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The designers continue the exploration of the ancient architectural lexicon already initiated with the epic table and extend the aesthetic and functional possibilities of limestone materials.

The tables are made of travertine or limestone, building materials used since Roman times. Although different in color, both varieties of natural stone have a raw materiality that adds rich texture and depth to the table, and a natural veining that brings inherent visual interest to the expression of each table.

They take their name from the Doric order of ancient Greek architecture. Doric architecture is the oldest and least ornamental of the three classical orders and is characterized by restraint, symmetry and simplicity, with decorative elements generally limited to the vertical flutes so closely associated with the Doric column.

The Doric table is a design of dualities, contrasts and harmonies, synthesizing opposing characteristics into one coherent expression. The table is both curved and geometric, hard and soft, with the rectangular shape of the top counterbalanced by its slightly rounded corners and the decorative contours of the carved legs.

The table is available in two types of natural stone, each with its own distinctive color. The travertine version is a beautifully shaded neutral white; while the limestone is a bright electric gray, which has a more graphic pattern. Each piece produced in these stones is unique, the ancient history of the Earth is inscribed in its surface.

With their own dual heritage, Italian Enrico Fratesi and Dane Stine Gam share GUBI's ability to synthesize seemingly opposing ideas: the classic and the contemporary, the intellectual and the sensual, the discreet and the expressive, the manufactured and the unique.
This seductive combination of styles is perfectly embodied in the Doric table's harmonious balance between antique and contemporary.

L. 140 x D. 80 x H. 30 cm

Travertine and Grey limestone

140 Kg




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Additional information

Weight 120 kg

Travertine, Grey limestone

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